Service No. 1

Building Assessments

SpottCheck will complete a thorough assessment of a building’s condition and provide recommendations for further inspections and/or services as needed. Our practice follows the standards and ethics of the California Real Estate Inspection Association. As a native California bay area resident, Susan specializes in older homes and properties.
Service No. 2

Trouble Shooting / Property Maintenance Assessments

This type of building assessment is ideal for a property owner who would like to have issues explored and suggestions for types and schedules for maintenance. SpottCheck checks carefully for water intrusion issues and closely assesses the type of maintenance that is required for the property. Upon the client’s request, reports can prioritize any issues discovered.
Service No. 3

Mold Screen and Sample Collection

SpottCheck is certified by Environmental Solutions to conduct mold screens and provide bulk and air samples of microbial growth for testing and evaluation. We use a qualified and reputable lab here in the Bay Area. A report will be issued within 6 days from the lab which will identify the growth and provide levels of activity. If mold is discovered, SpottCheck can provide several resources for the Client’s selection to complete the mitigation and cleaning.
Service No. 4

Expert Witness / Defect Analysis

Susan has provided expert and consulting services for several bay area attorneys for cases involving personal injury, habitability, construction defects and code compliance. Susan has successfully provided expert testimony for depositions, mediation and jury trials. Susan provides services for plaintiffs and defendants. Please contact SpottCheck for information regarding the past experience.
Service No. 5

In Progress Assessments/Code Compliance Inspections

This service is ideal for a building owner who would like a seasoned perspective of the in-progress construction, evaluating work for compliance with the approved plans and the building code. Additionally, when it comes time for the owner to review and approve Applications for Payment from the Contractor, SpottCheck can evaluate and provide helpful insight.
As an ICC certified Accessibility Plans Examiner/Inspector, Susan will be able to provide guidance on what is needed for the Client to comply with current accessibility requirements.
Ideal for the contractor or the property owner, SpottCheck provides in-progress inspections for construction projects. Competent to provide third party inspection services, SpottCheck will issue reports and photos of her observations. This can be a great tool if you are undertaking a home remodel, new construction or for the General Contractor who is undertaking commercial and industrial remodels and new construction.
Service No. 6

Construction Management & Construction Contract Administration

SpottCheck has over 25 years of experience in the construction business, with a strong background in construction management and construction contract administration for publicly or privately owned projects. Certified by the Construction Specification Institute, SpottCheck has a seasoned perspective on what is needed to assure timely delivery of a construction project. Quality Assurance and Cost Control are top priorities to SpottCheck Consulting. Our services includes contract review (let us review before you sign!), construction schedule review, application for payment reviews, reviews of requests for information, change proposals, and claims. We perform site visits and periodic observations of work performed and create daily reports and weekly summaries. SpottCheck believes in a collaborative approach – with the objective that all members of the construction team are important for the overall success of the project. Our practice of Construction Management and Construction Contract Administration follow the standards as established with the Construction Specification Institute.

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